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cooking with honey instead of sugar

Do you want to bake something using honey instead of sugar but don’t know exactly how to do it?  I’m sure you’re wondering how much honey you should substitute for sugar and how else you should alter your recipes.

I’ve been very successful with baking with honey vs sugar,  and you will be, too.  With just a few changes, you’ll find that your recipes are just as good, or better than using sugar.   Your product will not only be more beautiful but more healthy as well.

How should I alter my recipe?

1.  Use Less Honey:  I’m sure you realize that honey is much sweeter than sugar, therefore, you need to use 1/3 less to achieve the same results when cooking.

2.  Reduce Liquids:  Unlike sugar, honey contains water, so reduce the liquids to about 1/5.  In addition, you might add a small amount of extra flour and baking soda if you are baking a cake, for instance.  This will help it to rise up nicely.

Another good quality of honey is that not only does it contain water, but it actually attracts moisture.  This is a great thing for baking because your cakes will stay fresh and moist.

3.  Adjust Your Oven Temperature:  Also, cakes and bread made with honey are much better looking than cakes made with sugar.  You will find that the cakes and bread are a nice rich, golden brown color.   Adjust your oven temperature down a little (350 down to 325) to make sure your cakes aren’t too brown.  As each oven is different, start out with a small adjustment and change it if you need to next time.

What Kind Of Honey Should I use For Baking?:

For baking, it is best to choose a mild honey like clover or orange blossom.  The clearer the honey, the easier it is to use for baking because the flavor is generally milder than darker honey, so it won’t interfere with the flavors you’re trying to obtain.

Helpful Hint:

Grease your measuring cups and spoons with a little butter or oil before you put in the honey.  This will prevent your honey from sticking to the utensils. Or, you can heat the utensils in hot water to achieve the same results.   You want to make sure you don’t waste any of this delicious ingredient that the bees worked so hard to produce.:-)

So, there you have it.   Take your recipes and start adjusting them so that you are baking with honey instead of sugar.  Write a comment below to let us know how your recipes turned out!



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