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Do you like honey?

I was chatting with my sister yesterday, and we got on the subject of honey.  I invited her to a honey tasting event, but she quickly said, “But, I really don’t like  honey!”  I was first surprised, for who in the world could not like honey – that’s impossible I thought 🙂

But, then I remembered that I used to hate honey, too.  In fact, every time I tasted it or if it was in any food I ate, I would get nauseated.   I decided that I was allergic to honey, and so I stayed away from it for years.

Reason You May Not Like Honey

Think about this for a moment.  If you have been eating something watered down, contaminated, and mixed with other ingredients, I suppose you would not really like that product either.  Well, honey has had a very bad rap for a long time because that is exactly what has happened to it over the years.

Many manufacturers will put corn syrup or other “filler” in very low-grade honey and label it as “honey”.  When a consumer tastes it, it really doesn’t do anything to their taste buds, and so they really don’t get excited about the honey taste.

So I can see why many don’t like honey.  Many haven’t had a chance to taste the real thing.

So, if you ever want to give it another try, I have outlined a sort of  buyer’s guide.  Hopefully, it will come in handy if you care to buy a jar of honey in the future, or if you want to use it strictly for topical or medicinal use.

Raw Honey

The best honey, if you can get it, is raw honey.  This honey has not had anything added or removed.  It has very little processing.  This is best for flavor, aroma and health benefits.  Try to locate this type of honey at your local farmer’s market or from a health food store.  You stand a better chance that it is actually “raw”.

Honeycomb In The Honey 

Have you ever seen a jar of honey and it had a piece of comb in it?  Really interesting looking, right?  Well, you can be pretty sure that this honey is the real deal, straight from the hive.  Don’t be afraid of this comb.  It is simply an amazing work of art created by millions of bees, and it can be eaten, if you like.   It is also called beeswax.

When Selecting Honey, Think Wine

When selecting honey, think of it as wine.  What types of wine do you like, and why?  I like fruity, slightly sweet red wines.   Just like wine, honey flavor is determined by the plant source that was used to produce it.  There are so many kinds of honey – apple blossom, orange blossom, sourwood, acacia, black sage, and so many more.  Just as a flower has a distinct color, aroma, flavor – so does the honey that is produced from the flower.


Honey Can Be Chosen Like Fine Wine

Also, honey comes in different flavors, too.  Many types of honey have interesting items added to produce an awesome flavor profile.  Imagine eating sweet honey infused with red chili peppers!  Or how about honey flavored with vanilla beans or cinnamon.  Some other ingredients you may like are nuts, exotic spices, fruit, and herbs.

I really like flavored honey that gives a “kick”, such as jalapeno honey, flavors that “mess with” my taste buds.  I like the ying and yang – sweet and spicy all at the same time.  Excellent on meat and poultry, and especially delicious on crispy hot wings.  And  I also like to add toasted, slightly salted pecans or walnuts to a caramel tasting honey.  This is soooooo good and tastes amazing drizzled over yogurt or slathered over hot pipping bread or toast.

And then there’s creamed honey.  This stuff tastes just like a light, unbelievable frosting or candy with hints of the flower source.   And, the neat thing is that if you ate frosting from a can, you would get a sugar rush and then a drop at the end.  Not so with honey, I am energized after I eat creamed honey.

Also, here’s another fact.  Most varieties of honey on shelves in the United States are produced from unknown flower sources.  But, I promise you, that if you tasted honey from one flower source, you will be amazed at the unbelievable, distinct taste.

So, if my sister is reading this, I hope she gives honey another try.  I suggest you experiment with various kinds of honey until you find one you like.  I’ll bet you’ll enjoy it when you taste the “real deal.”  Why not give it another try, you might just be in for a surprise and like it this time 🙂

How many of you really don’t like honey?  Why?  Leave a message in the comments section below.


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