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Whipped honey, monofloral honey, organic honey – so many different honey forms and types, but how do you know what you are buying? Well, here is a “cheat sheet” for the different types of honey.   There are hundreds of varieties, but a few types. Hope it proves to be beneficial the next time you go to purchase honey or just want to know about honey.

Honey Types:

Blended Honey – This is a mixture of two or more types of honey from different flower varieties with a difference in color, taste, or geographic origin.

Honeydew Honey – Instead of nectar, this type of honey is made from honeydew produced from insects that suck plants.  Honeydew honey has a strong flavor and many health benefits.  This type of honey is not well known in North America but is prized by many honey fanatics in European countries.

Monofloral Honey – This type of honey comes from a single flower source.

Polyfloral Honey – Honey which is derived from the nectar of more than one flower source.

Raw Honey – This is unprocessed honey or honey that hasn’t been heated above 120 degrees.  This type of honey may have pollen or beeswax particles.

Chunk Honey – This is liquid honey that has a chunk of honeycomb added to the jar.

Comb Honey – This honey is contained in the honeybee’s wax comb and it makes a beautiful presentation.  The comb is actually edible.

Crystallized Honey –  This honey has solidified through crystallization of the sugars it contains. This is a natural process and it happens quicker in some types of honey than in others. This honey has not gone bad at all. It may look weird and can be difficult to get out of the jar, but it can be liquefied by gently warming it. Be sure the heat isn’t too hot so you don’t destroy the beneficial nutrients and enzymes.

crystallized honey

Organic Honey – This honey is produced without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides.  This type of honey is difficult to find or almost impossible to produce.

Whipped Honey –  This is honey that has been deliberately crystallized so that it can be churned.  It is very creamy and spreadable at this point.   Another name for whipped honey is creamed honey, spun or churned honey. It is my personal favorite.

honey in the comb


Strained Honey – Honey that is filtered to remove particles such as wax, without removing the pollen. This type of honey is usually cloudy and not as clear as other types of honey.

Ultrafiltered honey – Ultrafiltered honey is the kind you will find in the supermarket.  It has been stripped of its pollen grains and beeswax particles. This honey is heated to allow it to pass through fine filtering equipment. This results in a clear honey. It will crystallize more slowly. This type of honey doesn’t have the valuable enzymes that make honey so special though.

So there you have it.   If someone asks you what the different types of honey are, you will be able to provide an answer, and more importantly, know what you are buying.

What is your favorite type of honey?  As I mentioned, my favorite is whipped honey because it reminds me of cake frosting and it is so yummy 🙂  I’d love to hear from you.


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