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flax seed hair gel

Do you have curly, wavy or natural hair? Does your hair need extra nourishment?  Well, if you need something that is super cheap, natural, good for your hair, and does a good job taming and moisturizing your hair, then I have good news for you.  I’ve discovered flax seed hair gel with honey.

Flax seeds have been around for centuries and have incredible health benefits.  The reason is that they contain omega 3 essential fatty acids.  These are the good fats that are good for the heart.  Flaxseeds  also are a good source of fiber, protein and a thing called lignans.  Lignans mimic the action of estrogenic hormones in the body, thereby minimizing many of the negative effects of estrogenic hormones in humans. And lastly, flax seeds are full of vitamins and minerals— vitamin E, folate, vitamin B-6, zinc,  copper magnesium and loads of potassium. As far as honey is concerned, it is excellent for the hair because it contains vitamins and minerals and it has the ability to draw moisture to the hair.

Okay, so why is flax seed gel so great?  Let’s take a look:

Benefits Of Flaxseed Gel

    • Dirt cheap (Aveda has a flax seed hair gel that costs about $22.00 for an 8.5 oz bottle!)
    • Leaves the  hair soft, shiny and moisturized
    • All natural
    • Promotes hair growth
    • Nourishes dry brittle hair and scalp
    • Gives great curl definition
    • Provides excellent  hold with no crunch, flaking, or hair breakage
    • Dries Fast

If any of the above sound good to you, then read this recipe below.  You will be blown away by how great it treats your hair.  So, here it is….

Flaxseed Hair Gel With Honey

Ingredients: 1/3 cup flax seeds 2 cups water 1/2 tsp honey 1/2 tsp olive oil or shea butter 10 drops essential oil of your choice, but citrus or tea tree are more antibacterial (optional)

 How You Prepare It

      • Add the flax seeds to a pan of water over high heat, stirring occasionally.
      • Stir continuously and gently when the mixture starts to boil. Reduce the heat when the mixture turns thin and foamy.
      • When the flax seeds remain suspended in the mixture instead of sinking, turn off the heat and drain the mixture through the strainer into the bowl.  (At this point – rinse your pot right away because if you try to clean it later it will be much harder to do.)
      • Add honey and any essential oils such as ylang-ylang or lavender, if you desire.  I used orange blossom oil and it didn’t have the fragrance of a strong orange, but a faint orange citrus, clean fragrance.  I love it.  At this point, add the olive oil or shea butter.
      • Combine everything.  Your gel should be about the consistency of thick egg whites.
      • Pour the mixture into a container. Your gel is now ready to use.   You can store in the refrigerator to make your mixture last longer, or you can leave it out and make sure you use it up in about a week or two.
      • Aren’t you proud of yourself?  Congratulations, you just made your own hair gel and saved money, have a better natural product and you did it yourself.

Helpful Hint:  I did not use whole flax seeds, but I used the ones that had been milled and it worked just fine.  Just make sure to strain it with something like old pantyhose or something similar to ensure all the particles are strained and not swimming around in your wonderful gel.

How To Use Flaxseed Gel

Before we begin, let me mention that your gel will not be the typical consistency of manufactured gels.  Yours will be sort of slimy.  Now don’t get grossed out by this consistency.  It may be slimy, but it will work miracles for your hair.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, you can apply the gel to your hair by smoothing or scrunching it with your hands.  Make sure you use enough of the flax seed gel.  If you don’t your hair won’t be as nice.  So don’t be stingy. After you have applied the gel, let your hair air dry.  You can even apply the gel, braid the hair loosely, then let it dry.  Unbraid your hair and it will be wavy, full and shiny.  It will feel soft, conditioned, and your curls will be super defined with no stickiness or flaking.

Experiment with it until you get it just right for your hair type and style.  You will definitely love it and wonder where it has been all your life. How many of you have ever used flax seed hair gel?  Leave a comment below.

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