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healthy long hiar

For those of us who haven’t been blessed with thick, amazing locks of hair, the question of  how to make your hair grow faster naturally is quite important. 

A thick, glorious mane of hair has always been a crowning asset to both men and women throughout the ages.   If that wasn’t the case, there would be no need for beauticians and hair salons, not to mention the thousands of brands of hair care products that promise a healthy, envious head of beautiful hair.

So what can you do to make your hair grow faster naturally?  And, what are easy tips to make your hair grow faster?

First of all, did you realize that your hair grows about 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month?  What determines how fast your hair grows?  Your parents.  How fast your hair grows has already been pre-determined for you, so there is nothing you can do about this.  Sorry.  But, does this mean that you are doomed to a life of short, unhealthy hair?  Thankfully, no.   By changing some of your everyday habits, you can see a significant improvement in your hair’s length and health.   What are some of these habits?

1.   Your Hair’s Condition Reflects What Is Going On Inside.

Certain medications, some illnesses (anemia), changes in hormone levels, stress, and even different times of the year can affect the condition of your hair.   Some of these cannot be helped, but if you are smoking or overly stressed, this is a good time to fix the situation.  Seek help if needed so that your body can operate at its best capacity.

2.  Your Hair’s Condition Reveals How You Treat It.

Excessive heat, sun, brushing and lack of conditioning all affect how our hair looks and behaves.  Our hair is very fragile, especially so for certain ethnic groups, so we should treat our hair with care.  You wouldn’t want to put a valuable oriental rug out in the hot sun for days on end, nor would you leave a hot iron on it every day.  Neither should you do this to your hair!  The sun can damage your hair, but we usually don’t protect it as we would our skin.

Okay, now that we’ve discussed what can cause your hair damage, let’s discuss ways you can quickly get your hair in shape so that it is healthy.  And remember,  healthy hair will stay on your head longer, thereby allowing the length to remain.  This, in turn, will make your hair appear to grow faster.

  • Give your hair special attention.

Write down a treatment plan for your hair.  It doesn’t need to be complicated or take up a lot of time, but write down what you will and will not do to your hair.  For example, how often do you wash your hair?  And what do you wash it with?  These things are important.  If you have been using the same shampoo for 10 years or more, it might be a good time to change to a different brand that is more in line with what your hair needs today.   You will not have a hard time finding  good shampoo and conditioner at a reasonable price.

Also, once a day, try messaging the scalp vigorously with your fingertips.  This will help to stimulate your hair follicles and improve the circulation of blood to your scalp.

Trimming your hair’s ends periodically will also help to remove split ends and ragged edges.  Doing this will stop hair breakage, and this will help the hair appear to be growing longer because it is not breaking just as fast as it is growing.

Excessive chemicals on the hair will only weaken the hair.  This will lead to hair loss and hair thinning.

  • Treat Your Body Good And Your Hair Will Respond Beautifully

If you eat a good diet and exercise, not only will your hair respond, but your skin will too.   Foods that are good for your hair include beans, fish, cheese, nuts and leafy green vegetables.  A good vitamin may also help to supplement your diet.  And drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  A hydrated body works more efficiently, and this affects the health of your hair, too.

You all know I am a honey fanatic, so you’ve probably realized that honey will come into this discussion in one way or another 🙂  Okay, many people have asked me, “Does honey make your hair grow?”  As I mentioned at the beginning, your hair growth is determined by genetics.  So, honey does not make your hair grow, per se.  BUT, honey has vitamins and minerals, important things for hair health.

It also acts as a humectant by pulling water out of the air, so the use of honey on the hair and scalp has seen marvelous results in helping the hair to become glowing and healthy.  Please read my article, Is Honey Good For Your Hair, and I’m sure you will be excited about what honey can do for you.

I’d like to share a fabulous recipe that will help you in your quest for healthy, luxuriant hair that appears to be growing and growing. Your hair will thank you by providing “bragging rights”.  So, here goes…

honey and sage leaves

Honey Hair Tonic

1 tablespoon honey

1 /2 tablespoon olive or coconut oil

1 tablespoon dried sage powder or  five or six drops of sage essential oil  (helps reduce hair loss)

10 tablespoons mineral or regular clean water

Combine the above ingredients and massage the mixture into the scalp for about 2 – 3 minutes.

Leave on the head for 30 minutes and then wash.  If you use this preparation weekly, you will nourish your hair with vitamins that you might be lacking, and you should see improvement after a few weeks.  Enjoy!

So, let’s recap – If someone asked you how to make your hair grow faster naturally, what would you say?  While hair growth is pre-determined, you certainly can do many things to help nourish your scalp, thus leading to a healthy head of hair that appears to just grow and grow.

Have you ever used honey or any other ingredient to help your hair to become healthy?  Does honey make your hair grow, or appear to grow, faster?  Let us hear about it.

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