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These Honey Products Are Simply “Heavenly”

I absolutely love to make my own skin care products using honey and other incredible ingredients, but sometimes, if I find a product that is amazing, I won’t hesitate to buy it.

In fact, I’m always on the lookout for honey-based skin care products, specifically natural skin care that is chocked full of things like honey, propolis, aloe vera, almond and olive oils, shea butter, cucumber, and citrus.

Well, I had the opportunity to review a product by a company called Hey Honey. Being the honey fanatic that I am, I wanted to see if this honey product could pass my critical “honey” eye.  They have a full line of bath and body skincare products, but I tried the Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Serum. 

Below is my Hey Honey Skin Care Review.

Product Claim

The product is supposed to be good for all skin types, and of course, free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate (ingredients that pose health risks).  Its intent is to soften and replenish the skin and provide an immediate smoothing effect and a nice glow.  This product can be used under makeup or day or night creams, and if you use powder makeup, the serum promises to help your powder particles spread for a perfect, smooth finish.

What I discovered:

The serum is lovely.  It feels good to the skin, very luxuriant and light, with no greasiness or stickiness.  It has a very light, pleasant smell.  What I like about this serum is that it seems to just literally “melt” into my skin, and I noticed a glow right away – even before I put on any makeup.

My skin looked and felt so lovely, I really didn’t want to put on any makeup!!  It was just that nice.  It felt velvety and silky soft, like  baby’s bottom.  I did put on face powder after I applied the serum to see if there was any difference in the way the powder went on, and yes, it does help prime the skin for a smooth powder application, and the effect is a nice dewy, youthful glow that stayed all day.  I was very pleased.

Hey Honey

Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum

Product Ingredients:

This serum contains honey, pent avidin, hyaluronic acid, and silk amino acids and seabuckthorn oil for deep moisturization. To help smooth skin, it also contains, among other things, aloe vera juice, honeysuckle extract, allantoin, shea butter, olive oil, jojoba fluid, vitamins and squalane to help protect and nourish the skin.

Overall Impression:

I really, really LOVE the product.  It delivered on its promise, and I will continue to buy it as a wonderful addition to my skin care routine.  It really helps with providing a nice glow to the skin and helps my makeup look natural and fresh.

The only negative, if you could call it a negative, is that the product might seem to be a bit pricey at $39 for one ounce.  But, because it is super concentrated, a little goes a long way, and I can see this product lasting a very long time.   But as the saying goes – “You get what you pay for.” 

To buy the Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Serum, or any of the other fabulous skin care products containing honey and propolis from Hey Honey, you can check it out here – Hey Honey.


Stay tuned for other great products that are natural and contain honey and other deliciously good-for-you ingredients.  And if you have found a skin care products containing honey that you love, we’d love to hear from you 🙂





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