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Anti-aging products are a multi-billion dollar business.  The reason? No one wants to look old. Youth and vitality are two things that people will pay almost anything to keep.

But, let’s get real for a moment – no one can stop old Father Time. Sooner or later, he catches up with all of us.

But, wait.  Before you get all sad and depressed, keep reading….

Getting older doesn’t mean that you are less important or valuable, or even less beautiful.

In fact, as you age, with the right knowledge, you can slow things down a bit and actually enjoy this journey, and come out more beautiful than you were when younger.

Let’s face it, when a young person is youthful and beautiful, it’s nice, but not a really big deal as it is fairly common.  But when someone is older and has beautiful, dewy skin, it is rare and the exception, and that’s what get the attention.  With that in mind, let’s talk about a few things you can do right now that will pay off big in terms of a more youthful, vibrant complexion.

First off, there is no getting around it.  Your skin only mirrors what’s going on inside of you.  If you have skin problems then look within. For example, what foods do you eat to nourish your body? What habits do you have that only contribute to wrinkling, aging skin? What do you think about most of the day? Are you stressed most of the time? Do you engage in activity to keep your body strong and supple?

The answers to these questions can help you take a look at your lifestyle to see if you are doing anything that would put a burden on your body, thus aging it faster than it would age normally.  With that in mind, let’s highlight a few simple things you can start doing today that will help you defy your chronological age in terms of how wonderful your skin looks.

Tip #1 – What Are You Eating?

Many skin problems and conditions are just warning signs to you to stop (or start) doing something. Remember your skin is your largest organ and performs many tasks to keep you healthy, but if your body is deficient in, say, vitamins and minerals, your more vitals organs (like your liver and heart) must be taken care of first, and your skin (nails and hair)  will be last in the order of importance.  I’ve been asked if honey was good for wrinkles.  Honey is excellent for skin, but, if you are eating a diet that has very little vitamins and minerals, you cannot expect your skin, hair or nails to be healthy. There isn’t a magic potion that can do any better than eating the right foods that will help you radiate with health.

Vegetation and honey

What  are some of the foods that will help you feed your body with nutrients? Fresh fruits and vegetables along with good quality lean cuts of protein is a good start.  Plenty of water will help you to stay hydrated and will assist your kidneys and liver in removing toxins from your body.   Your skin is also a vehicle for removing toxins when you sweat.

So drink plenty of nutritious  liquids.  Green smoothies are a wonderful thing to add to your food choice each day. You can add fruits and vegetables, lemon juice and other herbs of your choice. This concoction will be a delicious way to get vitamins and minerals and hydration into your body. And it is an anti ager.

Tip #2 – How Sweet Are You?

Are you a sweet thing? I’m not talking about your personality here.  I’m talking about the amount of sugar you eat each day. On average, Americans consume over 100 pounds of sugar per year!! Yikes – that’s a lot.  And you can understand why when you realize that sugar is in almost everything – from soda to snickerdoodles.  It is not easy to avoid it.  But if you want to contribute to a healthy body and youthful skin, you should avoid it at all costs.

You’d probably be surprised to learn what they actually do to process the white stuff you sprinkle on your breakfast cereal.  For starters, they use bleach to whiten it.  Do you want bleach in your food?  I didn’t think so. Not only that, but sugar is very acidic and doesn’t help your body at all.   It is devoid of any nutrient and is considered an “empty calorie”.   It only contributes to poor health, and it can often make you crave even more sugar.

So to help your health, your waistline, and your precious skin, dump the sugar. For a person who is addicted to sugar, I might as well be asking you to stop breathing!!  Now I’d be the first to admit that I used to have a real problem with sugar.  Even now I might occasionally have a sweet tooth (It used to be wicked).  But don’t fret – with just an adjustment or two, you can wean yourself off sugar rather quickly.

What can you use as substitutes?  Maple syrup is very tasty, coconut nectar (or sugar) is an option, and also raw honey is amazing because it is unprocessed, contains vital minerals, and enzymes. Honey is sweeter than sugar and more satisfying, so you only need a little.  So basically you are replacing something bad with something good and equally (or even better) tasting.  I wrote a nice little article about which sweeteners are safe. Read about it here.

Tip #3  – What Is Your Skin Eating?

It’s true – whatever you slather or spray on your skin, you are actually eating because your skin absorbs whatever you put on it.   So if your skin care products contain harmful chemicals, it is being absorbed into your body.  It has been estimated that the average woman who uses makeup actually absorbs about five pounds of chemicals from her makeup products each year. So to help with anti-aging why not use organic products.

Coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils and honey are all excellent products for the skin. Many beauties of the past, such as Cleopatra, were reported to have used honey regularly to maintain an amazing complexion.  I also use honey as part of my skincare routine, and my skin actually looks better than it did when I was in my 20’s. Hurray for honey!

Many items in your kitchen can be used to help you obtain youthful skin.  I have written many recipes on this blog to show how easy it is (and fun) to create your own skin care products.  Why not give it a try.  If you don’t have the time or inclination, you can easily find ready-made products as there are many skin care companies who use organic and safe products.

Tip #4 – Do You Keep Your Body Active?

Nothing ages us faster than inactivity.  Your body was created to move, so when you don’t, you are going against nature.  Inactivity leads to cardiovascular problems as we age.  Inactivity will result in flabbiness, stiff joints and muscle weakness.  It will also contribute to a dull complexion.

So get that body moving.  You don’t have to run a marathon, but gentle walks and stretches will do wonders if it is done consistently.  Walking doesn’t require any money or special equipment.  Just get out in the fresh air and sunshine to soak in vital vitamin D.  If you can walk barefoot, all the better because you will be soaking up the earth’s energy.  When was the last time you took off your socks and shoes and just walked on the grass or sand?

If you don’t have the energy to start moving your body through exercise, why not try a honey tonic before your walk.  Get the recipe here.  Athletes have figured out this secret a long time ago and use it as part of their training routine.

So we’ve discovered these simple tips that highlight honey for anti-aging. Honey is easy to find; doesn’t have to be refrigerated; comes in many, many flavors and profiles; has vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and it tastes so good. It can easily be used to create many skincare recipes and it can even be incorporated, or added to the products you are already using to give them a boost. Give honey a try.  It’s really an excellent anti-ager!


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