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honey is good for baby's skin

It is not a secret that the honey benefits for skin are numerous.   That is why I was super excited to read a nice news piece about honey and wanted to share it with everyone because it involves our precious babies.

According to a Corpus Christi, Texas newspaper, honey is being used to successfully treat little infants in the neonatal ward of Driscoll Children’s Hospital.  According to the article, a medical grade of Manuka honey, Medihoney,  is being used for skin and wound care.

The whole thing happened when a very sick newborn was severely burned with antibiotics and was facing a skin graft.  A horrible thing for a sick newborn to have to undergo!   The doctors decided to first try Medihoney, and it worked.  In just one day, they saw great improvement and he was successfully treated.  For years, Medihoney has been used to treat older patients, but now they tested it on the little patients – neonatal babies.

baby's toyJust think about that.  The baby did not need the surgery, which would have required anesthesia, pain, recovery time and a fat medical bill.  The treatment with honey was very non-evasive, quick, and inexpensive – and it worked beautifully.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital staff is hoping that their amazing results will help other children around the country.  A big high five to the staff at Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

Please note that this treatment involved external uses of honey.  Do not administer honey orally to babies.  Babies immune systems are not fully developed and certain spores in honey can be harmful to them.

How many of you have used honey to successful treat your skin?  Have you ever tried Medihoney?  Let us know.


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