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Lets have some fun.  Here are some honey facts that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

1.  Honey does not spoil and does not need refrigeration as long as it is in a sealed container.  That’s right.  You could leave honey unrefrigerated in a cupboard for hundreds of years, and you could come back and it would be okay to use.

2.  Honey has a lower glycemic index than sugar.   Hurray!!  This means it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels as quickly, and so helps to fight diabetes and weight gain.

3It takes about 2 million flowers for bees to make one pound of honey.

4.  A bee will produce only about one twelve of a  teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.   Unbelievable!  So, don’t waste any honey.  Every drop is precious.

5.  Honeybees have two stomachs.

6. Honey was so valuable it was used as currency in medieval times.

7. Honey produces hydrogen peroxide when it comes in contact with skin.  This is one reason why it is excellent for skin problems and bacteria.

8.  Honey kills bateria and fungi by drawing water from their cells, thereby causing dehydration.   Another amazing characteristic that bolters honey’s healing properties.

Louis Vuitton – Honey?

Louis Vuitton Honey?  That's right.    Honey is now luxuriously fashionable as Louis Vuitton makes honey. Recently, the Pursuitist (a source for all things luxurious and rich) reported that the first harvest of honey for Vuitton has been produced and packaged.  The...

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What Is Local Honey? – An Unexpected Find

My husband, daughter and I picked blueberries yesterday.  The bushes were so packed with them that the branches were drooping from their weight.  They tasted so sweet and flavorful; in fact, I felt sort of guilty that I had eaten so many while picking.  But, who could...

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Kinds of Honey

There are many different kinds of honey flavors and colors.   Yesterday, I opened a new pot of Lavender honey.   After fidgeting with the top for what seemed like hours, I finally managed to twist the top from the fat, shiny container. All at once the glorious faint...

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Is Manuka Honey Good For You?

Manuka honey is known for its proven antibacterial qualities.  In fact, there has been a lot of media attention about this type of honey lately, not for its taste, but for its amazing medicinal benefits.  In fact, UMF-rated New Zealand Manuka honey is considered the...

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Exactly What Is Honey Made Of?

Exactly What Is Honey Made Of?

Honey is one of the most amazing products that has been around since the beginning of time. Today many are turning to honey because of the resurgence of this product's abilities to heal and help us.  Plus, it tastes incredible 🙂  Add that to the fact that corn syrup...

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