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Do You Feel That Honey is Mere “Snake Oil” When It Comes To Healing?

Okay, I’m sure you’ve seen those western movies where a snake oil salesman goes around peddling strange concoctions in his wagon, and he claims that if you rub his “secret” ointment where it hurts, you would be pain-free in short order.

The peddler would leave town before his gullible customers realized they had been conned.

Well, there has been many claims about the benefits of honey  for health & beauty.  In fact, many people look at honey as nothing more than snake oil!  What about you?  Truth be told, I used to feel the same way…that is, until I actually educated myself about the benefits of honey and actually tried it, and now I cannot live without the stuff.

Take skin care for example.   Honey has been claimed to cure everything from acne to resistant infections.  Heck, it has even been touted as a very strong antibacterial wound healer and works even when traditional medicine does not.   Sound too good to be true?  Well, let’s examine the evidence.

If honey was not an excellent ingredient for skin, then why do the cosmetic and spa industry spend billions a year on products that contain honey?  And consider this.  If honey for health and beauty was not beneficial, then why are various hospitals, especially in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, treating patients with stubborn wound problems successfully?  So the evidence is there waiting for your research.

Today I’m going to give you an incredible recipe that uses honey for hands.  The hands age a lot faster than other parts of our bodies because they are exposed to so many things – the sun, indoor heating and air conditioning, our regular routines, and they are frequently immersed in water and harsh detergents and cleaning products.  No wonder our hands are screaming out for protection.

A few years ago, my hands looked old, much too old for my actual age. They were dry, wrinkly looking and very dull.  Not exactly what the hand model people were searching for 🙂   I used to always hide them when talking with people, and I was reluctant to display them, at all.  So I came up with a simple recipe that will give your hands a new life. They will respond very quickly to this easy and inexpensive treatment.  And did I forget to tell you that it smells amazing? You’ll love it!

honey for beautiful hands

Silky Honey Hand Cream

You’ll need:

2 teaspoons honey

2 tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil

4 tablespoons sweet almond oil

2 tablespoons shea butter

12 drops rose essential oil or other essential oil of your choice

2 tsp beeswax granules (you can get these at arts and crafts shops)

What you do:

Warm the beeswax granules, the coconut oil and shea butter in a microwave or in a small glass bowl over water until melted.   Pour this mixture into a bottle and add the sweet almond oil and the other ingredients.  Shake until the mixture is nice and creamy, then slather it on your hands.  You can even use this as an overnight treatment by applying gloves to your hand after rubbing the cream into your skin.  The next day – voila – you will not recognize your hands.  Nor will you believe how soft and supple they are!

Do you use commercial  products that contain honey for skin?  What do you like about it?  I’d love to hear from you :-).

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