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Have you ever noticed that women living 40 or 50 years ago looked different?  What I mean by “different” is that they had clear, bright eyes, flawless, glowing skin that radiated with health, thick lustrous hair, and a smile “to die for” – and all without plastic surgery, dermabrasion, tooth veneers or anything like that!

I’ve often wondered what their secret was since most of us don’t look like that today.  And if you do find a “natural’ beauty, people stare because it is so rare.  But what was their secret?  I wanted to find out and duplicate what these inspiring women did.

How To Have Healthy Skin And Hair

So, I did some research.  What did they do (or have) that we don’t?  There are a few “secrets” from the past.  But for this article, I’ll share just one – and that secret is minerals!  Probably not the answer you were expecting, right?   I have been reading quite a bit about how important good nutrition is to health, beauty, and hair.

Let’s face it, the diet of most of us is sorely lacking in vitamins and minerals. Minerals are critical to most functions in our bodies.  You may even be deficient in trace minerals and have a variety of symptoms you think are just normal.  Mineral deficiency can produce chronic headaches, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, fatigue, muscle problems, poor memory and dental problems.

It is difficult (if not impossible) to get the right amount of minerals and vitamins today, not only because of what we choose to eat but also because of how food has been farmed and produced.  We are more mineral depleted than people living just 50 years ago.  Modern commercial farming methods add to the problem.  Even though produce is larger and often aesthetically pleasing than in years past, the nutritional value has diminished greatly.

Years ago, beautiful women were able to eat foods that were of better quality than we have today.  The air was cleaner, and these women spent more time outside breathing it in.  Their beauty regime was simpler – and their skin and hair products didn’t contain nearly as many harmful chemicals as they contain today.  So are you starting to see why these women looked so good?

Believe it or not, there are 90 nutrients that are critical to human health?  If we have a deficiency in any of these nutrients, it can lead to poor health and disease.  The soil that our food grows in is deficient in minerals.  And now GMO (genetically modified) crops make matters worse.

Many take vitamin and mineral supplements but most of these supplements are metallic in nature and not organic.  So the body has a hard time absorbing it.  But, organic colloidal minerals are up to 20 times more absorbable and non-toxic when compared to inorganic colloidal minerals.

The Experiment

So I did an experiment.  I decided to include minerals in my diet every day.  It has been about 2 months now, and I am beyond excited.  I am noticing that I am not having cravings that could ruin my goals.  And the biggest improvement has been in my hair.  I have always had thick hair, but I have had anemia and my hair had started to thin out and started graying in the top.

In just 2 months, my hair has thickened up tremendously.  It actually felt like my hair had doubled its volume, although I know that can’t be (can it?).  But it felt and looked that way. And a miracle happened.  My hair is starting to turn back to its original dark brown color.  My husband noticed it first.  We were outside and he said, “Your gray hairs are turning a copper color!”  I looked in the mirror – and sure enough – they were reverting back.  Unbelievable!!

I can just imagine what the minerals will do for me in another month or two. So what can you do to increase your intake of these vital minerals that are so lacking in today’s diet?

1.  Eat more raw fruits and vegetables  

If you eat your fruits and veggies raw, you are retaining the enzymes, beneficial bacteria, vitamins, fiber and minerals so necessary for health.  Some vegetables release antioxidants when cooked slightly, but the majority lose their important nutrients when they are cooked. So eat more crunchy, green salads and ripe succulent fruits.   Have a vegetable and/or fruit smoothie regularly.  You may have a hard time trying to eat 8 cups of greens, but if you blend them, there is no problem drinking them.  Also, blending them allows the nutrients to be readily available to your cells.

Also, try to eat locally.  As soon as plants are picked, they start to slowly lose vitamins and other nutrients.  When many foods are packed and shipped and finally reach your supermarket, they aren’t as nutrient dense as something that is picked and brought to the farmer’s market that same day

If you can grow your own food, that would be even better.  You gain benefits by working in the soil with your hands in the fresh air.  And you get much satisfaction from cultivating your garden and finally picking a delicious and nutritious harvest for yourself and your family.  And you will save lots of money!

2.  Drink coconut water  

Coconut water contains two essential minerals – sodium and potassium.  These minerals are essential to muscle health and your nervous system.   When buying coconut water (if you can’t get it straight from the coconut), be sure to read the labels so you avoid added sugar or preservatives.

3.  Take liquid minerals    

Make sure it is a good brand.  There are a few on the market, but I am currently using Majestic Minerals, and it is excellent with quick results.  I have always had problems digesting iron and other supplements, but these have been amazingly easy on my body, with no problem at all.

So there you have it.  If you feel you could benefit from the addition of minerals in your diet, give it a try!  Do you know now how to have healthy skin and hair?  What have you tried that has been beneficial for you?  Leave a comment.  We’d love to hear from you 🙂


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