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Manuka honey is known for its proven antibacterial qualities.  In fact, there has been a lot of media attention about this type of honey lately, not for its taste, but for its amazing medicinal benefits.  In fact, UMF-rated New Zealand Manuka honey is considered the top medicinal honey in the world!  So, is Manuka honey good for you, and how is it different from regular honey? Let’s see what the fuss is about….

This product is produced in New Zealand, from the nectar of the flowers on the manuka bush (and thus the name).   Although most honey contains hydrogen peroxide, (an acid that contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties) Manuka honey also contains a “phytochemical” that boosts its medicinal properties even further.    When compared with a regular antiseptic, this powerhouse performs extremely well!

What conditions respond to Manuka Honey?  Well, the list goes on and on, but bedsores, boils, burns, and infections have all been treated successfully with honey.   Read my personal experience in the post, Gum Disease? Honey Can be a Tooth Saver.   There are many studies to show that in hospitals and other settings,  honey is safe and as effective as other more traditional treatments.

But, make sure that when purchasing Manuka honey,  the word “active” is present on the label.  This ensures that the honey has passed strict testing.   You will see a number with a plus (+) sign.  This represents the strength of the honey.  Active honey can have a number up to 20+, although 18+ is a more generally recommended strength.  In addition to the UMF rating, some of this honey is classified as “medical grade” honey.

So, all honey is not created equal.  This amazing product not only tastes awesome, but it can also help in the fight against infection and disease, a double benefit.  So to answer the question – “Is Manuka honey good for you?” – the answer is a definite yes.

Have you ever used this honey medicinally?  Did it help?  I’d love to hear your story!   Leave a comment below.

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