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manuka honey for gums

Manuka honey for gum disease?

Isn’t honey sweet, and shouldn’t you avoid sweet things in order to avoid teeth and gum problems?  Well, forget everything you’ve been told and listen up!

Gum Disease is not nice.  It can cause missing teeth, and an infection in your mouth can affect your entire body.  But there may be a very sweet remedy – honey!  Did you know that honey, the right kind, has been known to successfully treat gum disease?  Have you ever heard of manuka honey for gum disease?

Take the case of my husband.  He has always battled gum disease and must always be vigilant with his oral care.  Guy’s got nice, strong teeth, but poor gums.   Me, on the other hand, I have weak teeth, but very strong, healthy gums.

A few years ago during one of his check-ups, the dentist told him that he had to have oral surgery due to the infection of his gums – no fun.  They scheduled him for a month later.   I said, “Try the honey, honey!”  He was reluctant, but the thought of needles and such in his mouth forced him to try my simple remedy.

Every day, twice a day, he massaged this gooey sweetness on his gums and diluted it and used it as a mouthwash.  After about a week, his breath began to smell fresh and much healthier.

When he returned to his dentist, he asked them to re-examine the infection, hoping that the sweet application of honey might just save him some misery and pain.  Well, to the dentist’s bewilderment, the infection had not only been arrested, but the gums were starting to heal!!   He asked my husband what he did, and of course, my husband mentioned the honey.  The dentist didn’t say much of anything, but the good part was that he only had to do minor work in his mouth.  Oh, the benefits of honey!

Please note that not just any honey will do.  The honey proven to work best for infections and gum disease is Active Manuka honey from New Zealand. This type of honey has antibacterial properties.  It might cost more than other types of honey, but it is way less than gum surgery!
Have you ever used  Manuka honey for gum disease?  If so, what were the results?  I’d love to hear from you!

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