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orange blossom honey

Just as the name suggests, Orange Blossom Honey (citrus honey) is honey that comes from a citrus source.  This is a very popular honey.  It has a light citrus aroma and taste, and its color is white to pale amber.

clementine Fruit

Citrus Nectars are the source for Orange Blossom Honey

What Does Orange Blossom Honey Taste Like?

Imagine eating this if you can.  After smelling the faint aroma of oranges, you insert a spoonful of this thick, rich, sweet goodness into your mouth.  Your taste buds are teased with the light taste of citrus notes.  It is light and refreshing.  This is what you will experience if you try orange blossom honey.

Origin of  this Honey:

France, Mexico, Israel, United States (particularly Florida, Texas, and California), Spain and Italy.

What Is The Best Use For This Honey?:

Because of its mild taste and light fruitiness, is excellent to use on toast, biscuits, and other bread.  It also pairs very nicely with cheeses and works really good drizzled on yogurt, ice cream, or fruit.

This honey has become popular lately because a few famous chefs have discovered how great this honey is in various sauces and meat and pork dishes.

Enjoy this easy, amazing recipe for honey-flavored butter.   There’s only 2 ingredients – my kind of recipe!  You’ll use this on many dishes and bread once you taste it.  It is one of my favorites 🙂

Orange Blossom Honey Butter

1/3 Cup of Orange Blossom Honey

1 Cup of butter (should be at room temperature)

Mix both ingredients together and enjoy.  Refrigerate leftovers.

Tip:  After you have measured and put your butter in a bowl, use the same cup to measure your honey.  This will prevent the honey from sticking to the cup and it will come out easier.

To kick the orange flavor up a notch, include 1/2 tsp of freshly grated orange zest.  Super delicious, creamy and  tasty!

Now that I’ve answered the question, “What is orange blossom honey?”, I hope you go out and buy a nice jar so that it can become one of your family’s favorites, too.

Have you ever tasted this honey?  Do you like it?


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