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pretty nails

Pretty nails – Isn’t that what everyone wants?   Then why do most fingernails leave a lot to be desired?  I’m sure you’ve seen it all – brittle nails, short nails, discolored nails, ridges in fingernails, and nails that should never have seen the light of day!   Fingernail problems can be numerous.  Nail salons are extremely popular, but they pose health risks when guidelines and sanitation procedures aren’t followed.  Plus, the odors and smells in that closed environment can also cause additional problems due to the high level of chemicals in the air.  So, what to do??

Have you ever thought of using simple household ingredients to help you gain strong and healthy fingernails fast?  That’s right – items such as olive oil, citrus fruits, and awesome honey can have your nails looking fabulous in no time.  But, more on that a little later.  Let’s first examine things you do every day that can damage your nails.

1.  Doing Absolutely nothing –  Many of us go through life without doing any maintenance or nail care to our hands.   This neglect can cause minor problems to become major, and the appearance of our fingernails will be less than desirable.  And think about this – if you never combed or trimmed your hair, well you get the idea.  Same thing with our fingernails – they need regular maintenance and care, too.

2.  Using our nails as tools Okay, by a show of hands, how many of us have used our fingernails to pick, poke or pry.  We all do it without even realizing it.  Just this past weekend, (I had to really think hard to come up with an example), I lit a candle and some of the wax overflowed onto the dish it was sitting on and then onto the counter.   In order to get the wax off, I immediately used my nail as a spatula by prying it off.  The dried wax came off all right, but my nail looked “injured” around the tip.  Big no no.

3.  Picking your cuticles or biting your nails Your cuticles (the protective layer of skin at the base of your finger that is a sealed barrier for the nails) can easily become ragged and dry as it builds up.  When you pick at that skin, you are asking for a cuticle infection.  Instead of picking at your cuticle, apply a softener around this area, then it is easier to push it back or remove it during regular nail care.  Below, I’m going to give you a fabulous recipe to help keep your cuticles healthy.  Of course, biting your nails can cause infection and unsightly looking nails, too.  Usually, a nervous habit is the cause, but this can be overcome.


I mentioned earlier that honey is incredible for skincare, including the fingernails.  Manuka honey will fight bacteria or fungus infections, even before they become a problem.  Honey also nourishes the nail itself.  Its properties are so amazing, honey is used as an ingredient in many skincare products.

Okay, now I’m going to give you a recipe so that you can make your own cuticle softener.  You are going to love this one.  It is easy, fast and economical and environmentally friendly.  Your fingernails should respond pretty quickly, and before too long you will have pretty nails.

Citrus Honey Cuticle Softener

1 tbsp honey

1 tsp of fresh squeezed  lemon or lime juice

1 tbsp olive or almond oil

1/4 cup milk

In a heat-proof bowl,  add the oil and milk and heat these ingredients until they are warm, but not hot.  Then add the honey and juice and whisk until everything is blended thoroughly.   Wash your hands with warm water and then dip each finger into the mixture.  Leave the tips of your fingers in this rich liquid for about 30 seconds.   Afterward, you can easily push down the cuticles very gently using a cuticle stick.   Then massage the warm liquid into the nails gently until it is absorbed.   Follow up with a hand moisturizer for a wonderful new hand experience.

Have you discovered a natural way to great looking fingernails?  Share it with us!

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