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urban beekeeping

Urban Beekeeping Is A Growing Trend

Just in the past couple of years, there have been a number of countries and cities around the U.S. embracing a growing sweet trend – producing rooftop honey.  So, rooftop beekeeping, also termed “urban” beekeeping, is really hot right now.

You’ll find beehives on the rooftops and balconies in London, Paris, Melbourne, New York, Chicago and other places all over the globe.

What are some of the reasons for this trend?

Having beehives on the roof allows a person to address issues of sustainability.  It also raises awareness of the importance of bees and pollination.  Plus you reap a sweet reward in the way of delicious  rooftop honey.  By placing hives on the roofs of restaurants, hotels, and homeowners’ dwellings, you know exactly where the honey is coming from, it is fresher and it reduces the distance from production to plate in as little as a few footsteps.

Many large cities such as New York are surrounded by asphalt and concrete.  Urban beekeeping gives the city dwellers a chance to enjoy nature and the calm and uplifting effect it provides.

In keeping with this trend, the famous and luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York has just installed hives on its 20th-floor rooftop.   The honey will be used in the hotel restaurant, and it will be packaged as guest-room gifts.  Also, tours of the hives will be provided to guests.  Some of the guest rooms will offer views of the actual hives.  Imagine that!

Other ritzy hotels are doing the same thing – installing beehives on their rooftops to produce the prized rooftop honey.  They, too, will use the honey in their restaurants for guests to enjoy and the honey will be used as gifts.  Not too long ago, Louis Vuitton’s Paris headquarters installed honey hives, and they are using the prized honey as gifts to certain important clientele and friends. The product is labeled as ‘La Belle Jardinière’.

Beekeepers are very excited because they feel they are making the world a better place.  Not only are they providing local honey, but they are helping to pollinate the trees, plants, and flowers.

What about you?  Why not get in on the trend and learn about beekeeping and then install a hive either in your backyard or if you are in a city with no yard, on your rooftop?   You won’t have to worry about what’s in the honey, how it was processed, or where it came from.

Imagine how neat it would be to have your own brand, bottle the honey attractively and then use it for special guests, friends, and occasions.  How sweet is that?


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