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savannah bee company

I was planning my trip to Charleston, South Carolina, and I stumbled upon an ad for a honey store – Savannah Bee Company.  Of course, being the honey fanatic that I am, I just had to put this on my itinerary.

Ted Dennard is the founder.  He has quite an impressive background that highlights his love of all things honey.   He started selling his honey in 1998 and his business continued to grow.  He now has four thriving stores where his award-winning pure, delicious honey, along with his luxury beeswax-based skin care line, are available for purchase.

Ted’s company has been featured in Imbibe Magazine, Marie Claire,  Better Homes and Gardens, and it was also featured as a CNN Small Business Success.  Why all the accolades?  I was soon to find out.

Savannah Bee Company

Outside of Savannah Bee Company in Charleston

When I walked into the store, I felt as if a comfortable, warm blanket had been wrapped around me.  It had been raining outside and I was cold and wet, but the atmosphere of the store was incredible.  The first thing you notice when you first walk in is the clean, aromatic scent lingering in the air, obviously from the luxury skin care products.   Essential oils combined with a clean, nostalgic aroma permeated the place.

I received a warm greeting from the beautiful store manager, Kate.  She was very inviting and seemed truly glad that  I was there.   She was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions about the attractive display of honey jars sitting on the tasting table –  a rustic, earthy structure that fit in just perfectly with the honey environment.

savannah bee company

Honey Tasting Company

I started my tasting first with the winter white honey, packed nicely in a  red decorative jar.  This white honey was a “creamed” honey, and before I continue, let me tell you that I cannot do this honey justice with words alone.  It was just that good!  The creamy texture had just the right hint of fruit and sweetness, and Kate explained that this honey came from Rocky Mountain wildflowers.  Very delicate, and very, very nice.

savannah bee honey bottles

Different kinds of honey stacked neatly in luxurious long-necked bottles

The rest of the trip was a blur (just kidding) because I got to taste some of the best, purest honey available.  Each spoonful made my taste buds dance with delight, and I felt an explosion of flavor with each sampling.  I could taste citrus, caramel, a bit of licorice, and fruitiness.  I sampled Tupelo, sourwood, creamed, orange blossom and black sage.  They also sell a cheese honey and a grill honey that I didn’t taste, but no doubt they were equally spectacular.

There was also an area for wax products such as candles and an area for body care.  The hand soaps are handmade, natural and smell amazing.  The mint julep honey bar soap was one of my favorites, and the clementine was also yummy smelling.

You can find teas, balms, lotions, butters, honeycombs and other items at this location as well.

I purchased a few honey products, and after careful consideration, I went back to the store the next day and stocked up on more goodies for fear I would run out and not have these incredible products readily available.

honey fluted bottle top

Attention To Detail Is Evident In The Fluted Honey Bottle Top

I highly recommend a trip to the Savannah Bee Company if you are in the Savannah or Charleston area.  The quality, purity, and deliciousness of these honey products are a must have.  If you are not a honey fan and can’t see why people get excited about honey, then I’m sure you’ll “get it” once you taste Ted’s honey.

savannah bee wax products

Savannah Bee Company Wax Products

I hope you enjoyed my Savannah Bee Company Review.  How many of you have ever tried this honey or the skin care line?  Which ones are your favorite?


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