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For years, I was a soda pop drinker. I guzzled it down several times per day and didn’t think anything about it. After all, soda was everywhere – in restaurants, at social events, in vending machines at work, and when I had stomach distress, the doctor told me to sip on a soda.

But a few years ago, I started to do my own thinking and came to realize that soft drinks were a “health destroyer” in a can. I don’t have to mention the problems associated with drinking soda. With all the information available about how dangerous this beverage is, you’d have to be living in a cave to not understand that soda is harmful to your health. It is quite addictive too.

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Many of the non-soda drinks on the market today contain loads of sugar and/or harmful artificial sweeteners, so they are not good choices either.  These beverages may seem harmless because of the fancy and misleading marketing tricks, but when you read the labels, they may not be a good choice.

I gave my daughter an assignment.  She had to research whether or not soda was good for the health.  She was shocked at what she discovered.   She’s shared her hand-written notes with you and hopes it will help you in your decision of whether or not to drink soda.

What can you do if you want to cut back on your soda consumption, or better yet, cut it out of your life forever? Does the word “forever” send you into a panic frenzy? Don’t worry. I have an excellent soda substitute that will help you reduce or cut out this habit in no time at all. This recipe is delicious, refreshing, cold and fizzy. I can’t believe that something this wonderful can be so good for you. Here is the recipe. It’s really simple.

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Soft Drink Substitute – Citrus “Soda”

One bottle of carbonated mineral water (I love Pellegrino) or seltzer

Raw honey to taste

Juice of one lemon (adjust according to your taste)

Mix the honey and lemon juice  together until well blended.  You may have to add a little warm water to dissolve the honey.  Once you have the lemon “syrup” just add it to a glass or pitcher of carbonated mineral water.  Stir and add crushed ice and enjoy.

You can add frozen mixed berries for a satisfying treat, or you can mix half freshly squeezed fruit juice and half mineral water.  Be creative and make up your own recipes to suit you and your family’s tastes.


soda 3


Do you have a soft drink substitute recipe that you want to share with us?  We’d love to hear from you.



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