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An amazing fact about honey is that it doesn’t spoil if stored properly.  It contains unique properties that prevent bacteria from growing in it.  Honey has a high acidic level and a low water content, a perfect combination that prevents bacteria from spoiling it.

So, to answer the question – “Should I store honey in the refrigerator?” – the answer is no.  In fact, storing honey in cold temperatures can cause it to crystallize.  What is crystallization?  It is when honey turns from a liquid to a solid.  It doesn’t mean the honey has gone bad.  The quality is still the same, although the texture and color might be a little different.  If this happens to your honey and you don’t like this texture, simply put the jar of honey in a warm water bath until it turns into a liquid again.

So, where should you store your honey?  On a kitchen cabinet shelf is just fine, away from sunlight and extremes in temperature.   Also, keep the honey in an airtight container.   One of honey’s incredible qualities is to pull moisture from the air, so to maintain the integrity of the honey, keep the lid secure during storage.

If you have a large quantity of honey or if you think you’ll use up your honey very slowly, you can put the honey in the freezer.  This will keep the honey’s quality intact, and it doesn’t take a long time for it to thaw.

If you find that over time your honey starts to turn darker, don’t worry.  Your honey is fine to eat.  Honey tends to turn darker with age.

So to sum it all up, you don’t need to store honey in the refrigerator.  Just store it on your kitchen shelf, away from temperature extremes, is just fine.

How do you store your honey?bee


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