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honey powder

Honey Powder Can Resemble Corn Starch Or Protein Powder

Have you ever seen, tasted or used honey powder?  What about honey dust? I thought I knew quite a bit about honey, but I had never heard of  these products.  So, I decided to learn about them.  I did a little bit of research and I also bought a bag of  honey powder so that I could see it, taste it and use it.  Below is what I discovered.  Be sure to read my incredible way to use it at the end of this article.

What Is Honey Power Exactly?

Honey powder is really just dehydrated honey.    It can range in color from very white to a sort of creamy yellow color similar to fine powdered sugar or protein powder.  The process used to create this powder is to use very high heat, although some producers even freeze-dry the honey, to spray to a fine dry powder.

honey powder

The Honey Powder I Purchased Came In This See-Through Packet

To keep the honey from clumping and remaining in a powdery form, sugar, starch or other stabilizers are added.  Many use the words honey powder and honey dust interchangeably, but in this article, I’m using honey dust separate from honey powder.

What Does Honey Powder Taste Like?

When I opened the bag, I could definitely smell the honey aroma.  The powder quickly melted on my tongue, leaving a mild, sweet aftertaste.  Not bad. 

Is Honey Powder As Good As Liquid Honey?

Although it has been claimed that powdered honey is just as good as liquid honey, beware.  As I mentioned earlier, powdered honey has been combined with other ingredients such as sugar or starch or even refined syrups to prevent it from clumping.  These added ingredients, of course, diminish the integrity of the product. 

honey powder and honey dust

Many claim that powdered honey mixes better in liquids and  is less messy that actual liquid honey.  But, that is debatable, in my opinion.  Honey doesn’t have to be “messy”; in fact, if you know a couple of tricks, you can avoid the “sticky” problems altogether. 

For instance, put a little oil in a cup before adding the honey and the honey will easily pour without a messy cup.  If you are using honey cosmetically, just add a few drops of water to the honey and the stickiness problem will be totally eliminated unless your honey is not 100%.  Many producers will mix honey with a sweetener, such as corn syrup, and label it as 100% pure honey.  If you add a few drops of water to your honey and it remains very sticky, chances are your honey has been diluted with other ingredients.

When you are buying honey powder please be careful and know what you are purchasing.  If you research honey powder you will find companies that are selling cactus honey powder.  There are many cactus honey products out there that are not the product of bees, but it is really the processed juice that is produced from an agave cactus plant.  So know what you are buying.

Best Uses For Honey Powder

Honey powder can be used quite effectively as a cosmetic.

Many companies include it in soaps, facials, masks, body wraps, bath salts, and lotions.  At home, you can add 1/2 cup of honey powder to your bath water for a nice silky treat.

I discovered an incredible way to use honey powder!  Why not make your own honey dust.  What is honey dust?

Honey dust is a very light, edible powder that uses honey powder as one of its ingredients.  Use it all over your body for a beautiful, silky feel and a soft glow to your skin. You can also sprinkle honey dust very lightly on your bed sheets for a delicate  aroma and a silky feel.   It smells amazing, contains no harsh or artificial ingredients and it’s fun to make.   Here are the recipes for honey dust body powder. . . . .

Silky Edible Vanilla Honey Dust

1 Cup corn starch

1/4 Cup Honey Powder

1 Tablespoon vanilla Powder or a few drops real vanilla extract

Silky Edible Chocolate Honey Dust

1 Cup corn starch

1/4 Cup Honey Powder

2 Tablespoon unsweetened cocoa

Silky Edible Double Honey Dust

1 Cup corn starch

2 Tablespoons  Honey Powder

1 Tablespoon vanilla Powder or a few drops real vanilla extract

1 Tablespoon honey

Here’s how to prepare the above recipes.  Simply put all ingredients in a food processor and mix together until well blended and there are no clumps, about 30 seconds.

For a special treat, put honey dust in a decorative, beautiful container to add further appeal.   Your skin will be soft and silky, with a honey touched glow and a nice shimmer.   And, you made it yourself 🙂

Also remember to store your honey dust in an airtight container.  If you live in a very humid climate, your honey dust can start to clump due to the moisture.  Honey, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, has an amazing ability to attract moisture.  That’s why your baked goods are always nice and moist when you use honey and why honey is used in thousands of cosmetic and body care products.  If your dust starts to clump, just put it in a blender and pulse it a few times and it should be as good as new.


How many of you have used honey powder or honey dust?  Did you like it?  Leave a comment for us.

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