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honeycombHave you ever seen a thick rectangular sponge-looking block suspended in a jar of honey? Well that, my friend, is a marvel of nature – the honeycomb.

What is a honeycomb? And what is a honeycomb made of?  Can you eat it?  Let’s take a closer look.

A honeycomb is one of those things that make you scratch your head because it is so amazing because of the way it is produced and constructed by the bees.

Another name for honeycomb is beeswax because the combs are made of beeswax and are basically storage compartments.  The hundreds of cells comprising the honeycomb are used to raise young bees and also to store food (honey and pollen) for the bee colony.  The honeycombs make up the main infrastructure of the hive.

Bees Are Precise Master Architects

The honeycomb is a marvel of nature because it is very precise mathematically.  Each piece of the comb is six sided, with a 120-degree angle on each side, and its pattern is almost identical between one hexagon and the next. Once the bees make the honey, the honey is then placed in one of the cells of the comb, and then it is sealed with wax.

honeycombThe wax of the honeycomb is often used to make many things, such as candles.  The actual comb is considered a gourmet treat.  Many people brush it on a dense piece of warm crusty bread for a special treat.  Often the honeycomb is served alongside a fruit or cheese platter.

If you ever need a good dose of inspiration or a reality check, why not look at the humble bee.  They work many difficult and exhausting hours,  are excellent mathematicians and they produce something sweet and desirable.

So if someone asked you what  a honeycomb is made of, you know the answer!  Why not add it to your list of interesting things to try.  It may be your next favorite thing 🙂

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