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Cherry trees are starting to blossom here in the US, and they are absolutely glorious.

My first trip on an airplane was flying to Washington DC as a teen with a bunch of friends to see the cherry blossom orchards. I was a bit nervous to travel by plane but anxious to see the cherry trees. I was told that we had just a small window of time to see the breath-taking blossoms because they peak and only stay around for about a week.

I wasn’t prepared for the gloriousness of those flowers. As far as I could see, there were cherry trees with white and lightly touched pink colors of flowers dancing delicately in the early spring wind as if they knew they had a short period to display their beauty.

In reminiscing about that trip, I realized that I had never tasted cherry blossom honey. So I set out to buy a jar but it wasn’t easy because this type of honey is relatively rare.

The reason is because the blossoms are only around for a short time. Cherry flowers bloom early in spring in the US, so the blossoms are among the first types of nectar available to the bees.

Since this is the case, those honey bees use the nectar, not so much to make honey but to expand the hive. Also, the early spring weather can be very temperamental with sometimes rainy or cold conditions that can shorten the period of bloom. If cherry nectar is not plentiful, then the bees will go to another flower source for their nectar.

Bees are very important to cherry trees because very few varieties are wind pollinators, so they require the pollination of honey bees in order to produce fruit.

cherry blossom honey bee

So I ordered a jar on Amazon from an Italian company who uses organic farming techniques.The company name is Mariangela Prunotto, and they are located in Alba on the southern plains of Piedmont.

According to their website, “We use the fruit and the vegetables from our own organically-grown trees, to obtain a variety of exquisite jams, whole fruit, sauces, antipasti, and honey.”

The description on Amazon mentioned that it was “almond flavored.” I wondered if they added flavoring or were they describing the honey taste. I needed to find out, so I contacted the company, and they advised me that their honey is pure and raw with absolutely no other ingredients added. Score!

Once the jar arrived, I ripped open the packaging and opened the honey.  Here is what I experienced.

cherry blossom honey

What Does Cherry Blossom Honey Look and Taste Like?

The honey is a beautiful brown color, and it reminds me of caramel.   

The aroma of the honey was nice, and I could smell a faint likeness to cooked cherries.  I noticed that this jar of honey had started to granulate.  This doesn’t mean the honey is inferior; in fact, it helps to prove that it is indeed raw.  Cherry blossom honey is a slow crystallizer, so the fact that mine had begun to crystallize meant that it was probably not a new harvest, but as I mentioned earlier, this in no way means the honey is bad or spoiled.

As for taste, it has a rather intense cooked cherry mingled with a molasses flavor and ends with soft buttery undertones. Very unusual and tasty!

The only thing that I was a little disappointed about was the jar size – only 3.5 ounces. For the price, I would have expected more. But I should have read the description more carefully. And when you think about how short the cherry blossom season is and the fact that this honey comes from Italy, I suppose the price is actually not too bad.

Honey Fanatic Blog Rare Cherry Blossom honey

After I had the opportunity to sample this honey and use it in my tea, I decided it would be great to use in a facial mask. Cherries have such an impressive list of benefits and I wanted my skin to benefit as well. So I created an organic cherry face mask that acts as both an amazing exfoliant, skin brightener, and moisturizer as well.  To get this simple recipe that will melt years off your face, check it out here.

And just let me say this, if you ever get the chance to taste this rare honey, I’d suggest you don’t hesitate to try it. It is truly a tantalizing treat for your taste buds!

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